Video Posted from SE30 Race 1 and 2

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It’s a couple weeks out from the last race and I’ve got my in-car videos posted on Vimeo at the full 25 minute length, lucky you! Take a look at my newly minted McQueen Racing Vimeo Album to watch as I shiver in fear at the incredible speeds achieved.

I’m kidding of course, I laugh in the face of danger*. Also, my BMW is only capable of modest speed.

Out of the 6 videos posted I recommend SE30 Race 2 from Sunday as the most entertaining to watch, posted below. I mentioned previously that I blew the start when I couldn’t get into second gear and I count 9 cars that pass me immediately. I end up in finishing in the same position that I started in, so there are a few passes and close racing in there to hold interest.

In related news I gutted my tranny searching for the problem that was keeping me out of second gear. I was looking to rebuild it with a new set of synchro’s or two, bearings and maybe shift forks, but the parts have been harder to find than I was expecting. I’m taking a Craigslist lifeline on this one and I just picked up “good” used transmission on Saturday, which will come out cheaper than the parts needed for a rebuild.

I’ve also got the interior stripped back out of the car so I can put a much needed coat of paint on the roll cage and interior. I’m looking forward to getting this task taken care of and out of the way as I’ve never been great with motivating to get cosmetics done. This should make a big difference in how the car looks inside, so I’m anxious to see how it turns out.

Scathing reviews are welcomed from those that take a look at the videos.

My next race is at Infineon March 19th and 20th.



BTW, if you missed the first two emails they can be found here:

FEB 15th: Results from the Race
FEB 11th: Headed up to Infineon

*when supported with the finest in safety preparation.

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